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God knows everything about you, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, say or even think ! That could be scary if you didn’t know just how much God loves you and deeply cares about you.

God loves you more than anyone else, even more than your parents or your best friend.

Because he is God, he can give his full attention to everyone in the world all at the same time ! Mega cool !

If you call anyone on the phone they are not always there when you want to talk. God is always available to listen to us. You don’t need to be in a special place or use a special phone and there are no bills to pay !

We can talk to God anytime, anywhere and tell him how much we love and trust him, share our joys and worries and get to know him better.

Talking to God is also called prayer. There are different kinds of prayer and ways of praying depending on how you feel.

Choose a theme from the list below and find out lots about prayer and exciting answers to children’s prayers in the “PrayKids” magazine.

Discover how your prayers can change the world !