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Lucy McIntyre from England
I want to start following Jesus but how do you be a good Christian?
It's great that you want to start following Jesus! Jesus loves us very much and just wants us to love him in return. One of the ways we can show we love Him is to take a good long look at what we do everyday and ask ourselves - what would Jesus think about me doing this? The ten commandments give us a very clear right and wrong list but in the New Testament Jesus shows us how we should behave and act. Jesus knew that it was how you lived your life that made a difference - not how many rules you had to follow!

Ben Anderson from England
Does the Bible have any good facts about Jesus?
By reading one of the Gospels (Mark or Luke are a good place to start) we can find out a lot about Jesus. We can discover who his family was, what they did for a living, where he was born, where he travelled and who he met. We can also find out about some of the amazing things that Jesus he did. Healing people, raising others from the dead, walking on water and more! There are also lots of facts in history books which can tell you what type of food Jesus would have eaten and the clothes he would have worn and what the places he went to looked like.

Naomi Divya Mohanraj from Sri Lanka
Why is there God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit when they are all one?
This is a popular question! Check out Daniel's question below for the answer.

Phoebe Smith, Age 10 from England
How do we know that God is a He?
A good question Phoebe! Some very clever people have tried to decide if God is a He for many years. We all know the Bible calls God 'He'. The Bible also says God is a Father, and a King. But this might be because people in the Bible thought that men were more important than women! Jesus walked on Earth, so we know that he was male - but God and the Holy Spirit are not human beings, so they are actually above being male or female. They are what they are! God is not Mr or Mrs God, he is just called God :)

Phoebe Smith, Age 10 from England
Who is Lucifer and where did he come from?
Lucifer is also called Satan and the Devil, and he used to be a good angel! Possessing supernatural power and superhuman intelligence, just like all angels. But he decided to go against God and is now God's enemy, full of death and destruction. Don't be afraid though. We are safe from Lucifer because Jesus Christ saves us from Lucifer and all his badness! No matter what you call him - Lucifer, Satan or the Devil - this fallen angel will do his best to make you feel like a rubbish Christian. So always trust in God, even when it gets tough because God ALWAYS wins!

Dino Potiuk from England
Why isn't Christmas more about Jesus?
The sad fact is that many people today care more about what they own or buy, than they do about what they believe in. When you know about Jesus, how much He loves you and that He died for you to be forgiven and go to Heaven ,you can have a Christmas all about Jesus. But there are many children and grown ups who still don't know about why Jesus was born, or how he died. Until they know all about his amazing love we can't expect them to be interested in anything more than nice presents and Christmas cake!

Tyler Fletcher from England
Why can't we hear God answer our prayer?
God can answer our prayers in different ways. The answer may be 'yes' and you will see the things you asked for happen. The answer may be 'wait'. God may want you to persevere in asking, or want you to understand that the time or the way may not be what's best. The answer may also be 'no'. Think over what you are asking God for and why. You may realise afterwards that what you asked for was not right, like asking Him to punish someone who hurt you. Ask God to help you understand what you should be praying about!

Rosie from England
In September I'm going to the local grammar school and none of my other friends are going there. I'm really going to miss them. I want to know how to make some more friends. I hate to say it but most of my friends swear alot. So I would like some christian friends.
Thanks for your question Rosie – changing schools can be a really tough time and choosing the right friends is a really important thing to do. The best thing is always to pray about and ask God directly to help you, telling Him how you feel about things and asking Him to help you to be strong. There are some practical things to help you prepare before you start in September. There’s a great little book called ‘It’s your move’ by Scripture Union, all about helping you know what lies ahead. They also run a holiday with the same name – perhaps you could even make some new friends at a summer camp like that. If you want more details, check it out in the camp section of the site.

Sarah Sherry from England
Where is Heaven?
Great question Sarah. I don’t know where exactly, as the Bible doesn’t tell us a ‘place’, although we do know that God made it and there is a hint of an ‘address’ because we know that it is where God is. Jesus also reminds us that he is the way to get there (Have a look at John chapter 14) and he says to the disciples that ‘There are many rooms in my Father's house. I wouldn't tell you this, unless it was true. I am going there to prepare a place for each of you. After I have done this, I will come back and take you with me. Then we will be together.’ WOW !!

Micheal Fikayo from Nigeria
What should I do if friends make fun of me?
It’s really tough isn’t it when friends make fun of you, or do things you don’t like – I know what it's like, as it happened to me at school. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we actually have chosen the best friends and perhaps make some changes. There is a bit in the Bible where James says ‘My friends, be glad, even if you have a lot of trouble. You know that you learn to endure by having your faith tested.’ (James ch. 1 verses 2 and 3). It may seem a strange thing to say ‘be glad’, but I think in a funny kind of way James wants us to realise how much we have to say thank you to God for and that even if ‘friends’ make fun of us, we can ask God to help and to give us his strength to cope. If you have a Christian friend or leader, why not ask them to pray about it for you?